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To find the best size system that suits your home, simply fill out the enquiry form below and a solar expert will be in contact with you.

Or if you would prefer to speak to one of our solar experts today for a personalised consultation about your needs and system pricing, please call 1300 076 188.

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Step 2: What sort of roof do you have?

A: Type of roof surface:

Unfortunately installations cannot occur on slate, asbestos, decramastic or structurally unsound roofs.

B: Roof aspect and space:

Roof aspect: Please note that installations on a north facing roof aspect provide optimum output for your solar PV system. East or west facing roofs may result in slightly reduced outputs.

Roof space: Please ensure you have adequate roof space to install your solar system - see the chart below for the approximate space required and the number of panels.

System size Roof area required No. of panels
1kW 6.5m² 4x250W
1.5kW 9.9m² 6x250W
2kW 13.2m² 8x250W
3kW 19.8m² 12x250W
4kW 26.4m² 16x250W
5kW 33m² 20x250W

Solar Panels should face North,
North-East or North-West.

It is ideal to have a North, North-East or North-West facing roof, if considering installing solar.

In Australia the sun rises in the East, moving towards the North, and sets in the West.

C: What is the pitch of your roof?

The pitch of your roof is crucial to optimum solar output. Flat roofs will require tilt frames to pitch the panels at the right angle.

Step 3: Solar rebate.

Eligibility: Have you received a solar rebate before?

Federal Government solar subsidies are only available once per Australian residence.

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By providing your phone number an AGL solar consultant will call to discuss your needs, help you understand some important factors in choosing your system and show you the benefits of choosing AGL.

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